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"The heart of your connected devices"

Introducing the most powerful WiFi Single Chip solution - Foneric F8088.


Highly Integrated

  • Minimum external Component

  • Built-in Power Management Unit

  • Pre-Calibrated RF performance

Fusion SDK

  • Standard Network API

  • Connects to Alexa and Google Assistant Server

Variety Of Periphals

  • Ready to control a full range of Applications

  • Support a wide range of Input Voltage

  • Instant I/O control

Quick Time to Market

  • Only require minimum 2-Layers PCB

  • Reference design for wide range of produts

  • Certification assistant

Smaller than a module, Just like a IC

 Foneric F8088 integrated a Wi-Fi baseband, a powerful MCU, a power management unit along with other necessary components. In short, it replaces any existing IoT module in the market. Single Chip solution has the advantage of small, lightweight and yet sturdy. 

It also comes with a standard firmware which already works with HomeKit, Alexa as well as Google Assistant. 


Powerful ARM Core

A Powerful M4F ARM Core to power all algothrium

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