Tired of all the strangled wires?
Foneric provides a full range of wireless speakers with superb sound quality and stable connectivity.
We cover vast majority of wireless solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - apt-X, and Proprietary Radio Tx/Rx, etc.


Due to all sort of constrains, Modern Smartphones offer a wide range of music services but with only limited music experience.
Foneric provides both standalone Digital Audio solutions and Portable Audio Amplifier solutions.
Consumers can now enjoy the true music recreation experience on the go.


Ready to say good bye to the 3.5mm headphone jack?
Foneric offers both Apple Lightning and USB-Type C audio solutions.
The beauty of going Digital Out includes the reduced data loss and the potentials of extended features.
Accessories Type: Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter  Digital Headsests  Active Notice Canceling Headsets


As an Apple adjunct developer licensee, Foneric plays a key role in the HomeKit ecosystem.
Fusion HomeKit SDK based on Qualcomm solutions has completed Apple certification (Adjunct Review) and
become available to our partners who are ambitious about launching HomeKit products.
Foneric is currently the ONLY ONE Apple licensee in China who has a full ownership of a certified HomeKit SDK.
As an Apple Manufacturing licensee, Foneric is capable of developing over 16 product categories,
a complete range to turn a home into a truly smart environment.

Fan   Garage Door Opener
Lightbulb  Lock
Outlet  Switch
Thermostat  Sensors
Security Systems  Door
Windows Covering  Camera
Speaker  Doorbell



Smartphones have become the personal identity, like jewelry.
Some are settled with an ordinary phone while some demand to be different.
Foneric is experienced in designing phones that are different, and premium.
They are built with precious metal, gems and other exquisite materials.
Our design philosophy: "Building" is no long applicable; "Crafting", it is.
Dimension of each part must be precise. And tolerance on rare material must be carefully controlled,
not to mentioned each key should have the right amount of mechanical tactile.


Iris Scanning is the most secure identity recognition technology among all others.
Foneric’s reliable and stable solution has been applied to some of the largest institutional operations in the world.
The adoption rate of this technology is rising at an exponential pace.