Founded in 2009, Foneric has been dedicated into developing Advance Audio, Imaging,
and Wireless Communication products and technologies for clients around the world.

Our technologies are mainly based on a wide range of Qualcomm SOCs such as Snapdragon and Qualcomm Atheros.
Our extensive experience in hardware and software designs and integrations has made us a professional, reliable,
and trust-worthy partner in key mobile ecosystems.

National High-Tech Enterprise
Shenzhen Key Software Enterprise
Qualcomm Invested Enterprise
Apple Adjunct Licensee
Apple Manufacturing Licensee

Key Vendors

Our global venders have always been offering the latest technologies to support
our development, helping us continue to be a world-class leader in our fields.


Our customers, who believe in and constantly benefit from the value
created by Foneric, including the biggest names in their category.

Foneric Career

Our ancestors build tools to make fire or, to hunt to increase the chances of survival. In the Modern world, as survival is less of a concern, engineers builds tools to improve human being’s lives. Ten years later, our children will be amazed by the non-necessary things we are spending time with today.Every day, engineers innovate to take mankind’s living quality to the next level. If you want to be one of them, Foneric is the right place for you. Please contact us at careers@foneric.com